Thursday, October 04, 2007

Status Report & Follow-up

Status on knitting: I've finished socks number 4 and 5 (socks nos 3 & 4 shown). Number five was the toe cover for AM's new cast. It looks a lot like a preemy cap found in a NICU. Silly me, I forgot to photograph it before I sent it off for delivery.

I want to get started on the socks for Christmas presents so I don't run out of steam on this knitting frenzy, but I don't know how big to make them given the recipients have size 13 boats for feet. So, I could start on another pair for myself out of this new yarn that I bought (see above, pink for me, brown for gift) or wait to get foot measurements and run the risk of running out of steam with the socks. Or, I could go back to my sweater I had been working on, or the pair of hibiscus-colored corn fiber socks waiting for my attention and forget about the Christmas stockings altogether. Or I could work on the challenge quilt. Or I could sew on Girl Scout badges.

Status on Kitchen Remodeling: nothing new to report, still waiting for a space in the painter's schedule. He's going to rebuild the wall around the fridge so it fits better and so I'll be able to open and close everything nearby, like drawers and doors. The living room still looks like a yard sale. The longer I wait to move stuff back into the kitchen, the more evident it becomes: which things I need and use and which things I can get rid of. But therein lies the problem, I can't wait that long to finish the living room.

So now we come to that portion of our show where you get to vote via comment.
  1. What should I work on next? (knitting, quilting, or sewing, etc.)
  2. Do you want to see another memory game photo taken of the left-overs in the livingroom?


Lorraine said...

Good lord, woman. Do whatever makes you happiest...I'm just so bloody impressed with your considerable textiley talents.

And another memory game would be fun, not because I'm any good at it but because it would be amusing to see your living room leftovers.

YoLinna said...

I would just put my feet up and relax for a bit....course I could just be sucking up because of the whole Jordan thing, Ma'am.

Sara said...

Nice to know that you are a quilter and knitter too...I just love knitting socks!!!!

greeny said...

Textiley...heehee. Lorraine is queen of words, I tell ya!

I say keep the socks going. Even if you get sick of making them, there is time between now and Christmas for recovery.
Can't wait to see the quilt though.

I'm all for the memory game. ...Wait, I don't remember the memory game...