Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quick Question

Do any of you ever look at my progress chart over there in the right sidebar?

Do you care?

Sorry, that's two questions. Does that bug you?

Darn, that's three.


Jennifer said...

Honestly? I read your posts in my Google Reader, and don't comment unless I have something interesting to say (ok, maybe not ;) ). So I didn't even notice!

greeny said...

Poor Fern! She's last on the list!!!!
Just kidding. I am totally impressed. Sometimes, just SOMETIMES I wish I liked to sew.
Hey, that 11/14 quilt date is looming...

Lorraine said...

Sometimes I look at it and then I think, "Geez, how does she update this thing?" Also, sometimes I think, "Dang it, she's doing too much. I should take her out for a cocktail".

Then I remember I'm on the wrong coast.