Monday, October 01, 2007

My husband called home on Saturday from Colorado, evidently having read my last blog entry, "Did she really say that?" (Referring to the last bit.) I think he thinks my readers will think he does nothing while I'm gone. But in reality, my girl just misses me and there is nothing to worry about. I've gone many days without touching the dishes or laundry. And she'll start a load of her own clothes.

Husband got away to Denver for the weekend to hang with some high school buddies and play golf. It was pretty uneventful while he was gone. Well, there were plenty of events, but none bad.
The girl had a sleep-over Friday, the boy went to an open house at the community center.

I took myself out to the new restaurant in town for supper. Saturday, the boy went to Swim-n-Gym and the girl had practice at church for Youth Sunday. Which went well, by the way. She did the opening announcements and the call to worship. The boy handed out bulletins.

He did fine, but there were a lot of kids at the doors too. I was secretly disappointed he didn't get to shine more than he did. Saturday afternoon was the neighborhood block party and Sunday afternoon I vacuumed the garage.

Somewhere in the mix I bought another gallon of whole milk with the hopes of making another batch of cheese, but kept myself busy knitting instead.

I finished the regular sized socks for AM and I'll make a cast sock for her when she gets her new cast tomorrow. My ADD kicked in again and I found myself thinking I could make more pairs of socks for Christmas presents since they work up so quickly. Let's just see how many pairs I can actually get done before I get bored.

I also got my hand-dyed fabrics rinsed out, washed and dried and I've been trying to work out a pattern for the challenge quilt to use them. I have six weeks to get the quilt done.

Socks. Quilt. Quilt. Socks. Kids. Kitchen. Laundry. Socks. Quilt.



John said...

VACUUMED YOUR GARAGE?! Your kidding, right? Please say your kidding. I would have to mow my garage before I could vacuum it.

Anne said...

John, I'm glad someone was paying attention!
No, I'm not kidding. When the guys were installing the kitchen, they'd do the sawing in the garage. This weekend I finally got the garage cleaned out enough to get the other car parked in there and vacuumed up the sawdust. The push broom fell apart so the vacuum was the next best thing.

Lorraine said...

I gotta get me that cheese recipe...

AM Kingsfield said...

I'm doing so little these days, you make me feel exhausted just reading your blog!

greeny said...

Yeah, post the cheese recipe unless it's a guarded family secret.
And I WISH I had a shop vac to use on my garage. Next best thing is a leaf blower, John, although I have retreive things from the driveway afterwards...
I LOVE the socks and the material for the quilt is scrumptious!!