Friday, October 19, 2007

Long time readers of my blog know I usually walk about 2 miles with AM about 6 mornings a week and have been doing so for the past several years. Long time readers of her blog know she severely broke her ankle while on a photo assignment a couple weeks ago.

Over the years, I've invited my across-the-street neighbor, L, to join us a couple of times, but the timing was never right because of her long recovery time from the chemo and radiation because of her breast cancer. Now her energy is back and she's ready to walk with us. She tells me this Saturday afternoon, the 15th of September, coincidentally, the very day AM broke her leg. I was able to continue my exercise routine with companionship. It's hard to get out of bed at 6 in the morning when you don't have to get up until 7, but knowing someone is waiting for you helps, it's what I need.

A week ago L had her routine mammogram and some abnormalities were found, Monday was the biopsy, Wednesday the results came back, and the mastectomy is scheduled for this coming Monday.

I've spent some time recently looking at my life and my friends' lives. One day you're walking around on two good feet, the next day, you've got ten screws and two plates in your leg. One day you're walking around with two good breasts, the next day you've got one. Yikes. How would I take care of my family if I couldn't take care of my family?

I'm trying to be a good friend and will try to be there for them however I can, I'm trying not to be selfish, but I'm going to miss my friends and my daily time together, it will be a long time before either one of them can walk with me again, to motivate me to get up in the dark and stay in shape. I've missed AM this past month and I'm going to miss L, too for the next several months. And I'm going to have to do this walking thing on my own for now.


Mom said...

Sometimes life comes at you fast and hard. All you can do is keep walking, keep loving and keep praying. You are a good friend.

greeny said...

Yeah, what MOM says.
Here's to motivation and drive to help you keep up the work both for yourself and your friends.

barbie2be said...

anne, i am so sorry for your friend L, and for you. i lost a very close friend to inflamatory breast cancer this last december and i still miss her every day. and now i walk alone.

michele sent me today.

Carmi said...

Life has a ridiculous way of changing on us, often just when we least expect it. After our son broke his leg, I found myself amazed at how everything changed in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. I find myself wishing it could simply go back to baseline, and saddened that it can never be that simple.

I'll pray for your friends. They're lucky to have you in their life.

just me said...

so who was that I saw you walking with the other day (Fri maybe)? I hope L's surgery went successfully.

Anne said...

I walked with L every morning up until this morning at 6, then she left for the hospital at 7, her surgery was at 10 am, scheduled for about 6 hours.

AM Kingsfield said...

I miss you too. Everything changes, and not always in the ways we would like. I hope we can all walk together in the spring.

John said...

Your words show the tender heart that you have for those you call friend. I am sure they would want you to keep walking for your own health. So with every step you take, remember, you are doing it for them as well.

Walk a mile for Breast Cancer.

And then another for slippery boat bottoms.