Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday was a true holiday. Schools are open and government is closed. Husband and I played golf together for the first time in a while. I did ok, 120 for 18 holes. My drives were a lot better with the new driver, most longer and straighter than they had been with the old one. I still need to learn to get more of my body into the swing for more speed and power instead of just swinging with my arms; use those large muscles.

I surprised Fern when she asked if she could skip Girl Scouts and I said yes. As much as I think it's a great program, I still need to remember not to push her too much and let her cut out if she wants too. She found out her friend is a scout, but inactive. I told her her friend's membership was only good until the end of October. Fern panicked about her own membership and I was secretly very pleased when she was relieved to know I'd signed her up for another year.

Last night at Bee meeting I got my challenge quilt fabrics ironed and cut out, so now I have no excuse, I must sew it together. I have to have it done by November 14. Pictures to follow.


Lorraine said...


iamnot said...

I can't remember the last day off I had that did not involve the kids.
I need one!

YoLinna said...

Have you ever used a medium to draw on the fabric before you dyed it? Like silk screening-ish? Do you know what that medium is? Or am I making any sense? Sorry! Thanks!

Anne said...

like batik?

no, haven't gone there.


Maddy said...

Just over a month! Eek.
Best wishes

YoLinna said...

wanna go together?

AM Kingsfield said...

I love batiks.

Anne said...

making batik fabric? Yolinna, don't tempt me into another creative outlet, I'd follow much to easily. I may as well quit my job and play all day.

greeny said...

Hey, that's a good idea, don't you think? Quit work and play all day. I like the sound of that.
I haven't taken time to be creative in way too long. Wwaa.

I took the day off today just so I could have some alone time.