Sunday, October 07, 2007

Everyday when I get home from work I check my box on the front porch, the box from which I run my business. Everyday it's empty. As much as people tell me it's a great service, I'm still disappointed when I'm not serving anybody.

Until last night when I got home from the local Six Flags, which is a horrid horrid place, by the way. It was the first time I'd been all year, hadn't been there since the fight last year. There was yet again another fight this time and a roller coaster got stuck. Anyway, there was a bag in my box with a vest and badges ready for my attention. In the words of London Tipton, "Yay me!"

The youth group at church went to Six Flags yesterday and I went as a chaperon, mostly beacuse I'm continually trying to get Kevin acclimated at church and Church with Kevin. Seven or eight years ago he was "kicked out" of Sunday school because of his autism, nobody knew how to deal with him. And the pastor didn't want to try or work with me for a solution. That pastor (why can't you accept my son, Christ does?) has since left and the new pastor, not so new now, he's been here over three years, is very accepting of all kids, he even lowered the age of junior church which meant if you were older than 7 you were welcomed in regular worship, noise and all. Back then I tried Kevin at a special needs Sunday school at a different church, but I didn't like their service, so it didn't last.

Now that Fern is of middle school age and participating in youth activities, I'm trying to get Kevin involved too. But not where it'd be stupid to try; I try to pick appropriate events. The other junior and senior high youth group kids at the park last night were very welcoming to Kevin and he would have been just fine without me there, but since I went to chaperon, he hung out with me and we rode rides together.


Shephard said...

What a nice service to provide people. Speaking as a non-sewer, I'd gladly pay someone local to do things like this. :)

Michele says hello.

Sara said...

Hello, Anne, Michele sent me. I have to say even though I quilt and knit - I just hate to mend or alter things. I, too, would pay for this service!

And, that man that treated your son that way was a pastor? Sounds like he needs a new calling.

just me said...

Some congregations just don't know how to cope with kids with "issues" (autism, learning disabilities, etc). It's not necesarily the pastor's fault... but I'm glad to know yours is reaching out. He's a good guy.

I'm not sure our religious school could handle that sort of thing. It's not that we wouldn't want to, but we lack the resources. Unfortunately we have lost a few kids (and their families) because of that.

Lorraine said...

"Let the children come to me, forbid them not". Period.

Also, you get points for the London Tipton reference. LOL.