Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aye Yi Yi

I had a doctor's appointment this morning to have a pain in my neck checked. No, not Fern, but I will discuss her later. I have pain in a gland on the right side that I've had for a long time. While I was there I got to donate blood for routine lab work. Except the donation part was not routine. The first lab tech finally found a vein that she could use in the right arm, but it kept rolling and she couldn't get the needle all the way in so she tried a vein in the back of my hand, again with no luck.

At this point I'm feeling very faint, after all, this is for fasting tests. The first vampire leaves and a second vampire comes in. More tourniquets, more prodding and she finally finds a usable vein on the left arm.
The lights are almost out in the room, it's very dark and I'm not sure how she could see to get all three vials of blood. After a short nap, the lights are back on and I prepare to leave. But, wait, that's not all, can you leave a sample in there, too? sheesh. How much more do I need to give here for a pain in the neck? In addition to the referral to the ENT guy, I asked for two other referrals, one for a beloved mammo and one to a psychiatrist so I can get meds for my ADD. My doctor doesn't know which doctor to send me to because a lot of them are not taking my insurance anymore. I guess psychiatrists don't want to help people who cannot pay to see them.

Before my trip to the doctor's office I had time to fold up a load of laundry that was partly a load I started mixed in with a load the princess started (princess said with the utmost contempt, by the way). There are three baskets of clean unfolded laundry around the washer. The princess, it seems, will start a load of her clothes for school and, when it's time to put them in the dryer, will move anything already occupying the space in a basket and leave it there, cold, wrinkled, and unwearable. Three baskets full. Sometimes I can fluff the unwearables back to life in the dryer along with a wet towel, sometimes they are just too far gone. I gave the princess a piece of my mind, you have to fold what's in the dryer, now I have three baskets to deal with, you can't just leave it there..... sheesh. Think she'll remember next time? I doubt it, too.

I don't have to worry about clean pants for a while. I got my order from LL Bean the other day. I have a hard time finding pants that fit me because my hip-to-waist ratio is so big and my legs are so long. If I find a pair of pants in a department store that seem to fit and seem to be long enough, they never are after washing and drying. on LOW heat mind you; they're 2" too short. sheesh. I need to gather them all up and give them to AM, her legs are shorter than mine. LL Bean sells long pants and promises they won't shrink. I ordered four pairs. Yesterday I wore the cotton chinos in "soapstone" and promptly dropped food on them. This, of course, is after I spoke to the aforementioned princess about wearing pants more than once before she puts them in the hamper. sheesh. Today I'm wearing "rosette" Adirondack jeans. And look! no spots!

How is your day?


just me said...

As one with an ADD kid, I know firsthand that it's hard to find mental health providers who take insurance (esp those that treat kids). And we wonder why so many people don't get the mental health treatment they need. Altho our MD psychiatrist is in network, the PhD psycholgist is not. So we have to pay her, then submit for reimbursement - and they only accept about 40% of her fee as "reasonable and customary." To use your word - sheesh!

Sorry about the blood thing - I had to skip that part because I am so squeamish.

AM Kingsfield said...

It's Mammo Time! I have my referral tacked to my bulletin board. Shall we go together again?

All the red tape makes seeing the doctor so hard anymore.

Your princess is a couple steps ahead of the young royalty at my house!

YoLinna said...

The laundry war at our house right now is epic. Yesterday I toke the "King's" clothes and put them in his tub. He showers religiously. Washing his clothes? Not so much. I figure maybe the soap from his body may help? Or at least he will be forced to move them from the tub to the washer--and off the bathroom floor....we'll see.

R says her wings won't match because they are black. I believe there are white ones in the theater closet, will look today. Unless you were referring to wings for flying off the edge?

Lorraine said...

I'm feeling your pain, Anne.

Smiler said...

Ouch! Those blood tests sound scary! I always feel faint when I get them, which is much too often for my liking.

Anne said...

AM- I have to change radiologists, the old place won't take my insurance.

Linna- re: wings, you picked the right set I was talking about first.

Lorraine, thanks.

Smiler, I hate them too, especially since no one can ever find my veins.

aka_Monty said...

Laundry is of the devil. With the amount we generate in my house (myself and two kids), you'd think we all changed clothes four times a day. Gah. Plus? We never have any matching socks. I totally don't get that. :)

Hello, Michele sent me!
(and I hope the pain in your neck is less...painful, today!)

Bob-kat said...

Ow! That all sounds very painful. Last time I had blood taken my vein collapsed and it hurt like hell as they tried to wring the blood from my arm. Boy did I have anasty bruise afterwards so you ahve my sympathy. I hope the tests prove worthwhile and they fix your neck soon.

Michele sent me to say hi.

texasblu said...

Hi Anne, thanks for visiting. :)

Hope you get all the painful stuff behind you and enjoy a smooth road to recovery!

We have laundry issues too - my husband says my oldest's problem is that she's "growin' boobies" and that's why she can't remember things like that either. Hmmm... not sure how I feel about that! :D

craziequeen said...

Michele sent me to say hi, and I have a bunch of blood tests in the works too....luckily my vampire was fantastic, I didn't feel a thing!


Becky68 said...

Oh my Anne - I'm so sorry- I owed you a comment from Micheles & Just as I was about to comment (1:30est) My phone rang - My teenager was vomiting at school & I had to go get her- I am sorry- hope your gland is not hurting so much anymore.