Thursday, September 27, 2007

I promised more stories about my weekend in Ft Lauderdale, so I'll take time to backtrack from my current day-to-day and recall them.

After I left the Holiday Inn Express (you know, you get a lot of services there that other place charge for, like free local calls and free breakfast) I headed down to Miami Lakes and Don Shula's Hotel and Golf Club. My husband found a weekend package there for me: two nights lodging, three rounds of golf, $50 voucher for Shula's Steak House and $20 voucher for Shula's2 all for about $260. I just had to pay the cart fees for golf. I booked the package anyway after I found out the course was closed on Mondays in September for maintenance which meant only two rounds of golf.

My first round of golf was pleasant. I played by myself, which I like, no one to get exasperated with my game. The front nine was nice, the back nine was wet and soggy, had to keep the cart on the path. The course was more difficult than my "home course" so my scores were higher than at home. I saw lots of critters, even iguanas. Did you know they swim?

Then I checked into my room and got the day's humid golf game off my body. Next stop: cash in my $50 voucher for dinner.

Pros and cons of printing your menu on a football: it's fun and different for sure, but what about storage? a whole pile of footballs take a lot more space than the flat folder kind of menu. The walls around the entrance to the restaurant are lined with plaques listing members of the 48oz club, those hungry folks consuming 3 pounds of steak in one sitting. Current price: $85. yikes. I opted for the petite filet, only 8oz. Only $35. Good steak. Very beautiful space, dark woods and fireplace but the walls are lined with pictures of football. I guess I'd be more enthralled if I knew who Don Shula is.

Sunday I woke up to more rain, ate breakfast with my $20 voucher, and it finally cleared up enough to play my second round of golf around 2:00, again by myself. This time I played the front 9 twice. If you take all my best scores from the front it's a 56, but in reality they were 64, 64, & 62 (and another 62 from the back 9 on Saturday.)

If I'm going to travel a lot with golf clubs, I need a travel cover with wheels, those dern things are heavy! I got checked in to the airport without any problems, found my gate and settled in. After a while I got thirsty, asked a fellow passenger to keep an eye on my bag and headed off for a bottle of water. When I came back there was a young guy sitting in the seat next to mine. I plopped back in my seat and resumed my knitting.
"Do you sew much?" This is knitting, you moron.
"Yes, I'm making a sweater."
"What's it gonna look like?"
I pull out the pattern and show him.
The conversation goes on for a while. He's probably under 30, wears his cap backwards and never takes his sunglasses off even though it's dark out. I didn't look for heavy gold chains, but wouldn't be surprised if there some under his over-sized gangsta shirt. He tells me about clubbing in South Beach for the weekend. I have strain to understand his mumbles over the din of travelers and then:
"You go clubbin' in DC?"
"How old are you, about 35?" Quite the "playa," this guy.
"No, but thank you."
And later still he leans in close to my ear. I can smell his last smoke was not a legal variety.
"If I give you my number, will you call me?"
"No. I'm happy with my husband."
"Tell your husband I can take his place."

Seeing that I was a lost cause, this guy proceeded to hit on and fail with at least 4 or 5 other women over the course of the evening, even walking out of the terminal with one chick before coming back to baggage claim empty-armed. Poor guy.

Tuesday morning when Fern got up she was mad. "Don't abandon me like that again. No one did the laundry, no one did the dishes."

Obviously I wasn't gone long enough.


greeny said... hit on and lots of golf, steak and solitude. Too bad you had to come home to complaints, huh?
I would give my eye teeth to have a vacation to a resort of my hobby! Such a caring husband,yours.
Happy Thursday.

Lorraine said...

Free food!

And getting hit on, even by a playa, well, it must have been just a smidge bit gratifying.

Mom said...

Last time someone tried to hit on me I had my 4 young kids with me at the movies in London. It was weird and a bit flattering.
Every time we travel some cute young thing tries to hit on my beloved. He never notices and I always laugh. Travel is such fun.

AM Kingsfield said...

Even I knew who Don Shula was!
I don't think it would be wise to take my kids to a restaurant with football-menus.

You easily look 35.

I still love my mother for doing my laundry and dishes (but those aren't the only reasons)

Anne said...

I was kidding about Don Shula!!! sheesh.

Shephard said...

I esp. like the last line.

Great iguana photo.. I'd love to see one out in the open like that.

Michele says hello!

PI said...

Hi Anne! I'm glad Michele sent me. Was the iguana really running around wild? I think it was very brave of you to go off on your own. I hope you felt proud of yourself afterwards. It's amazing what we can do if we have the courage. Atta girl!

Mr. Althouse said...

You don't know who Don Shula is??? Ok, you get a pass this time.

If I was still golfing, I'd rather think I would prefer to do it alone as well, but since time is not exactly plentiful, the point is completely moot.

Michele sent me,


kenju said...

When I was younger, I always wanted to go to a hotel some weekend, with a coffee pot and many books and crossword puzzles, all by myself! You sort of did that.
MIchele sent me.

November Rain said...

hi michelle sent me wow is he purple? like Barney? I didnt know they could be purple

mcewen said...

I've never managed to get my head [or teeth] around the 48 oz steak, and I agree you should have stayed away just a little bit longer.

Carmi said...

Every time I fly, I'm amazed at the variety of crazy souls that I meet in airports. These places are magnets for nutbars!