Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's 7:00 am I'm sitting here at the laptop in the TV room, home finally, after getting in late last night (this morning) after a 2 hour delay flying home from Ft. Lauderdale. I'm not munching on any breakfast (yet) and I need to wake up the kids to get their day going.

(It's 4:05 pm now when I add more to this post.) OK, I'm obviously back from my trip south to rain country, USA. It rained on and off so much yesterday I didn't even try to get a round of golf in. I ended up trying out some drivers at a golf shop and hit the equivalent of an extra large bucket of balls under the swing monitor. When I hit the ball well it was going about 140-150 yards and my swing speed was over 60 mph. (slow, compared to the pros, but I'm not Tiger.) I don't normally hit the driver in my bag that well at all. When I hit it poorly in the monitor, well, um,lets just say I didn't memorize those stats. I could definitely see differences in the results of each driver after hitting 30 or more balls with each. I had fun, even though I was tired after a while. I probably ingrained a bad swing pattern into muscle memory. Oh well. I hope I'll get to try out my new club soon.

Then I hung out at a yarn shop for a couple hours and knit and chatted with the wonderful women there. I showed off my socks (they were impressed) and bought yarn for a toe cover for AM whose toes are getting cold sticking out of that cast.

Then I headed back up to the airport for my flight home. Instead of dragging this post on forever, I'll post the rest of my adventures tomorrow.

Ft Lauderdale airport at sunset.


VE said...

And it was a beautiful 71 degrees and blue sky in rainy Portland!

MarkEC said...

Welcome back! Have some golf rounds for you, but they are in PA. Will leave them with AM.

Lorraine said...

Welcome home!

AM Kingsfield said...

Glad you're back safely and enjoyed your plan B activites in spite of the rain. I think it best to only commit our best selves to memory.

just me said...

This is why fares to South Florida are cheap this time of year! Sorry the weather interfered with your plans, but it sounds relaxing anyway.

See you Saturday?

Dant said...

Re: Israel21C,
Thanks, just me. Its interesting to note that there's an increase in autism in Israel also.
We've got our own nearby autism resort: Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. Kevin loves water parks!

Dant said...

Oops. That comment was supposed to go on a different post. Oh well.