Thursday, September 20, 2007

Art & Craft


Common Buckeye Butterfly


The first sock is finished, the second sock is started. I found this pattern and fell in love with it, then found the perfect yarn for it. So I had to order some.
From England.
The price was good, so why not, right?
I'll just finish the second sock and maybe the yarn will have arrived by then and I can start on my sweater.
Ha! My package came from across the pond on Monday, less than a week after I ordered it and you can see my priorities:

I've got about 3" of the sweater done and maybe 3 rows of the sock done since Tuesday. Oh well. Well, maybe not even 5 rows, I've got to rip back several rows because I have to fix an error I can't fix now on the fly. Grrr.


VE said...

I'm good at unravelling fabric; is that a craft skill?

John said...

The sweater looks great. When you're done with yours, could you make me one too? I'll buy the yarn. I think I would look spiffy in a sweater like that.