Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've posted before about our new office building and moving out of the old one. Today is the official ceremony to demolish it. The old one, not the new one, although given the problems here, it wouldn't be such a bad idea. The ceremony started at 10:00 and at 10:40 nothing has happened, so I'm back at my desk. I didn't go out for it, but went to watch from windows down the hall where the view is pretty good. But I had no idea what's going on because nothing is happening that we can see, so I called a colleague who went to watch from the adjacent garage and he can't tell what's going on, either. I guess you can hear the speeches if you are closer.

Finally, an hour later, they sent Stanley the Steamshovel into the side of FOB 3, wing 7 room 2755.

The exterior of this new building is still under construction, landscaping and such. This week they are pouring sidewalks over what had been for the last year a field of mud for what we can only guess to be a park-like green space. I so want to carve my initials into the wet cement every time I look out the window.

I took video with my digital camera, but, silly me, I take a LOT of vertical photos, so I naturally took the video in vertical mode, except now what you see is sideways. Enjoy it anyway, it's my first attempt at posting video, next time I'll keep it horizontal.

Added at 1:15: After an hour and a half, this video has still not finished uploading. I'm canceling and either will try later or not, we'll see.
Added at 3:25: I finally got a message blogger couldn't upload my video. drat.


MarkEC said...

I like to take vertical photographs a lot myself, forgot that did not work for video the first time too!

John said...

I worked with some guys years ago in building, some concrete pouring. One would place a leaf in the corner of a block and trowel over it. After it all dried there would be a perfect impression of a leaf in the concrete. Pretty cool.