Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I have several things about autism rolling around in my head, not quite fully formed, but I wanted to post about this before I forget.

Last night Husband and I were lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Kevin is in the adjacent bathroom taking a long time with his evening routine. So I try to urge him on towards finishing.

I holler into the bathroom:
"Kevin, time to get in bed."
"No, Mommy"
"Do you want to go to the circus on Friday?" Yes, we bribe our son to persuade him to do as we desire. Don't you?
"It's time to go to bed."
"No, Mommy."
"What are you doing?"
"Washing. Washing. I am washing yourself."

He is trying so hard to use pronouns. A couple days ago the answer would have been just "Washing." Now he has two pronouns in one sentence, not quite the correct one, but still! We both were amazed and pleased with his new accomplishments in speech. It's great to see new developments, sometimes they get lost among the everyday.


AM Kingsfield said...

It is easy to forget how much there is to learn.

VE said...

He did better than I did yesterday. I think I just mumbled all day. I haven't been to English class for awhile but I don't remember mumbling fitting into a pronoun.

Design by Maria said...

Hello Anne!

You have beautiful things in your Blog!

Much success further with Euern son!

Love of greetings sends Doreen!

mcewen said...

Ooo I know that feeling to well - it's so hard to fight be all the cloudy stuff as see the little [huge] bright spots.

Lorraine said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, parents of autistic children deserve the highest awards and honors that can be bestowed. It's such a heavy thing to be given and you carry it with such grace. Small blessings like using pronouns are, I suppose, part of what keeps you going.

John said...

Learn something new everyday. Me, I mean. I didn't know you had a son dealing with autism. Sounds like you're doing a great job though. Keep it up. I have a cousin with an autistic son and it's amazing to see the growth over the years. Actually, it's amazing to see my own growth over the years.

greeny said...

John cracks me up!

You are a great mother. It must be very hard. I can't even begin to understand how hard.

Yay for Kevin!

gettingthere said...

Hello! I've just discovered your blog through the Whitterer.

I, too, use bribes to get my son out of the bathroom and generally cooperate.

It really lights up the day when you notice an accomplishment in the midst of something "ornery". I can really relate to that.