Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ever have one of those days where you're standing in yoga class in the triangle position after having done your warm-ups in the table position and moved on to the seated spinal twist and hero (my favorites) and your feet are stretched out pretty wide and you hate this position because it hurts your feet and you're facing the folks across the room facing you and your arms are up, stretching, reaching, and you realize the woman across the room in looking in your direction but you continue to gaze at your own spot on the wall and then you start wondering what she is looking at?, and ohmigosh, when was the last time I shaved, think, think, not this morning, not yesterday, oh and I can't very well check right then and there, can I?
Yeah, that was my Friday in Yoga at lunch at the gym at work.

Oh, and on a creative note, here are my batch of hand-dyed fabric I did when I had my quilting bee over on Tuesday. It's a set of fuchsia to black. Today I did a dark to light set of one of those middle purple colors. I'll post a picture of those when I have time to rinse them out, hopefully sometime this week.


Reflekshins said...

my favorite was the waitress at IHOP who reached over to serve us our plates and you could've braided her arm hair.


michele sent me ;_

scrappintwinmom said...

Michele sent me - my girls have PDD-NOS so we struggle with autism's challenges as well. Love your blog - I'll be back!

VE said... The closest I come to that is yogurt. Or maybe Yoda.

greeny said...

VE, god he's funny too!

And why shouldn't you make your gazing yoga partner break her position and laugh uncontrollably when you raise your arm and check the growth rate of your stubble?
And just maybe she was jealous because she actually was from Europe and had always let her pit hair grow but felt too conspicuous now that she was in the States. Looking at yours, she had found solidarity and was silently rejoicing.
Isn't there an unspoken rule about staring in exercise classes? I mean really! A quick glance at best, for goodness sake!
Have a great day!

Lorraine said...

Ooh, pretty!

Anne said...

The fabric or the yoga?

Lisa said...

I was right behind you and didn't notice a thing . . .