Monday, September 03, 2007

Spice Cabinet (Quiz of the Day)

One shelf of the spice cabinet before I put it back in the new kitchen.
Click to enlarge and study this picture for 30 seconds. Then go to the comments and answer the questions. Have fun!


Anne said...

1. What letter of the alphabet starts the most spices/herbs?
2. What is the most prevalent brand?
3. Which two jars are "out of place"?
4. How many jars of Dill Weed are there?
5. How many jars of Dill Seed are there?
6. What do you think is in the jar without the lable?

Anne said...

oops, label.

greeny said...

1. c
2. McCormicks?
3. I only saw Dill out of place
4. 3
5. 2
6. didn't see it

greeny said...

Oh, I went back and saw the jar without a label. It's pickling spice.

Sara said...

1. C
2. McCormick
3. Dill Seed, Cream of Tarter
4. 3
5. 2
6. Pickling Spice

I was just looking around Michele's for someone to go visit...cause it was too soon for me to sign in again...

BreadBox said...

Presumably 6 is pickling spice:
I get the impression that dill seed there are two jars, dill weed there are three: the jars out of place are definitely dill seed: and something else: cream of tartar? curry powder?

I think the brand was McCormick.

And I have no sense of the letter of the alphabet, but in my cabinet it is always C.

Sorry the cheese didn't work: I used a digital thermometer to make sure the temperature was correct. Also, the type of milk really does matter: organic is usually not good to use, though raw is okay (apparently organic is usually UHP

The best one I did was when I chiffonned some basil leaves through it --- it tasted stunning!


Lorraine said...

I'm terrible at these things but it looks like you've got 2 jars of dill weed and the unlabeled jar is pickling spice. That, plus the alum and the plethora of dill weed tells me you make pickles.

I love pickles.

Anne said...

Good catch, Lorraine! I used to make pickles when I had enough cucumbers from my garden not eaten down to the nubbins. wascally wabbits!

Variant E said...

1. It's gotta be "D" because you have like 120 bottles of flippin' Dill Weed!
2. I always thought Nike because you know that swoosh logo is pretty universal and such...wait...were you asking about spices? How about spice girls? Wait...were you asking about brand and not band?
3. I agree I thought Jar Jar Binks didn't belong in Star Wars even thought it was set in outer space (or did you say out of place?).
4. More than I could use in 14 lifetimes.
5. In the entire world? It's difficult to estimate but I'll go with 1.7 million.
6. The secret money stash?

just me said...

I'm not doing the contest - but I sure hope you threw some of those away! Emeril always says you shouldn't keep spices more than 6 months... I do keep mine for up to a year, then I pitch them. I've actually started a) buying the smallest size available, especially if I know I won't use it much, and b) writing the purchase month on the lid with a Sharpie. You can't keep this stuff forever :)