Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yesterday's Post

Work is crazy-busy. I posted the picture below yesterday, fully intending on writing a description, but never got around to it.

On new years day my husband's (best?) friend and his wife came to hang out with us for several hours. They live in Alabama so Sue had not seen my quilts before and I gave her a mini trunk show. I showed her the quilt I made last year for my cousin and her new husband (that I still haven't mailed off yet!). Sue loved it and I told her how easy it was, we can make the top in less than two hours. Then I pointed her to my stash and told her to pick out four fabrics.

The center of the top was assembled by the time they had to leave. Sue loved it, but I realized later we'd arranged the pieces incorrectly for full impact of the pattern. It was one of those situations where I knew I'd never be happy if I just left it, I had to redo it even though Sue would have never known. So I spent the next several days picking it apart and resewing. I'm glad I did, I think it looks great now, especially with the two borders I added.

The picture below is of the finished quilt top, basted and ready to quilt. And if Sue ever reads my blog, she'll get to see how it's coming along.

PS, Greeny, I'll make a wall-hanging for you with this same graphic design. Just go to your local quilt shop, pick out four fat quarters that you like together that have a good mix of texture and contrast, (the shop gals will help you with 'fat quarters') then pick out one more, either another one of the first four or a new one for the border, and send them to me. I'll send back (sometime this decade) a quilted wall-hanging. Deal?


Unknown said...

No way! Are you serious?!

Anne said...

Yes way

AM Kingsfield said...

The term "fat quarters" is part of my New Year's resolutions, but not in reference to quilting.

Unknown said...

Ive been covered up here, Anne. Ill do my search for material soon and get it to you. My mom is coming to visit and we have material to buy so Ill get it then.
I am up on the "fat quarter" part of things too.