Friday, March 20, 2009


In the academic world ABD is All But Dissertation, referring to having done all the work required for a PhD but not finishing the the written work.

ABL in the quilting world is All But Label. I've finished my quilts for the show this weekend, quilting, binding, hanging sleeve, ABL. I just have to get them sewn on before I turn them in so they know the quilts are mine. I'm pretty sure I can sneak in a stitch here and there during the day here at work.

I'm particularly proud of this one, I've never quilted like this before. The background pattern and the feathers are both new for me. If you look very closely you'll see lots of mistakes but if you stand back a couple feet it looks great. I'm pleased, also, because I know now what I can do and with a bit of practice, I can do it well.

This is the wedding quilt for my cousin. I'll be sending it down after the show. It's a bit rippley because of the amount of dense quilting. I'll have to block it well and try to get it more flat. I'll have to add that to my goals, practice more even quilting density.

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AM Kingsfield said...

That is gorgeous quilting. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it so I could get a better look. No wonder you are proud!