Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Day

I'm back to work today, which means I can blog. For some reason I just don't blog from home much. Which is where I was yesterday, home. The schools were closed because of the snow storm that went through Sunday night and I chose to stay with the kids. It was a pretty day to take pictures, but the battery on the Nikon was dead and the Kodak decided it wasn't going to acknowledge the memory card again. Grrr.

I had grand plans to get some quilting done. The quilt show is coming up and I still have work to do. I also had grand plans to do some archeology. I wanted to excavate my closet, find the floor.

A couple years ago, the last time I could see the floor, Kevin felt it was a great time to dump some Legos out, the clean space made a great play area. I was never allowed to clean them up. Then add to that shopping bags, shoe boxes, piles of clothes that were folded but never put away, shoes, hangers, more legos, drill bits and a step stool left over from the new shelf installation, and dresses that were hung up but removed for the window installation.

So I spent a good part of the day doing laundry and cleaning out my closet. I got several loads done, including three loads of towels, and the mattress pad. I set up a mirror so I could sit on the closet floor and pick up enough Legos to fill two, count'm, two, large barrels and watch Lost DVDs at the same time. It's cool the TV remote works in the mirror. I stayed in my jammies until after 3:00 when I started trying on the pants in my pants drawer. I purged most of them, they were either too short or too small. A couple pairs almost fit so they got to stay.

By bedtime I could walk into my closet easily. I hid one barrel of Legos and will have to hide the other one tonight. Most of the piles of stuff in the bedroom were better. When I clean, I tend to push everything together and sort it from there, then put the sorted piles away. I can tell I made progress, but to the untrained eye, it might look worse, I still have piles on the floor to deal with.

I need to find some time to try on the clothes hanging in the closet and stashed in the dresser drawers. I'm sure there's stuff in there I could wear several sizes ago but has no hope now. Once the hanging clothes and sweaters get purged there should be room for the clean clothes that're on top of the dresser. I guess I'll need another snow day. Oh, and I still have a lot of quilting to do, too, so make that two snow days.


Mom said...

When i retired I spent the entire first year throwing away stuff. It takes a long time to get it all done. Cleaning house while raising kids is like shoveling your driveway during a blizzard - impossible to finish.

greeny said...

Shall I do another snow dance?

Anne said...

Sure, that would be lovely!

just me said...

say, aren't you a federal employee? I bet you have vacation time available so you could take a day off midweek to get some stuff done. I love those.

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and my family actually left me (mostly) alone! It helped that Monday is S's regular day off.

Maddy said...

LIkewise I need to excavate mine. Mine is also a general dumping ground and a place for hiding things. The net result is total chaos. So much for walk in closets. No snow around here thank goodness and it looks as if the rain is easing off which will make dog walking all the more pleasant [and far less smelly.]

LEXIE said...

I have a hard time parting with lovely clothes that just don't fit anymore. Plus, I have a major shoe purge coming. My screwed ankle is just not ever going to get back into some of my fancy heals.

Starting is the hardest part though, so good for you!