Sunday, March 29, 2009


Fern's ice skating production team is going to Orlando for the national ISI competition. To pay for the trip, the team has been doing various fund-raisers. Today was Basket Bingo!

Fern and I went and had a nice afternoon together. The first half was a dud, losing game after losing game. Then I won a door prize, a Vera Bradley tumbler. Then I almost had a bingo. I was about to win with the next number to be called. A girl called Bingo! but didn't have it on the number just called, but a number before that. Technically she shouldn't have won, but since the games weren't for cash and the players all voted in her favor, she won. I voted against her. I was about to win, right? So, they gave me a consolation prize, a cute candle holder.

Then, I got a Bingo! on game 16 and won the cute "berry" basket. Then after the games were played they had the final raffle for a Easter Basket set. Fern and I bought a strip of tickets. We won. We parsed the loot, she's getting the tumbler and votive holder and I'm getting the baskets. She's happy, I'm happy, but the liners have got to go.

Did I mention I love winning things?


Maddy said...

That's a variation I've not heard of before. That's the trouble with financing these trips that seem such a marvelous opportunity at first and then $$$ hit home.

As for the pots, they're slip carved first, then fired, then clear know how long that takes.

Maybe you should have you own fundraiser to buy a wheel. There again you also need somewhere to put the darned thing. Mine is in the garage = not ideal. I think I have the only car in San Jose with a permanent clay slick down the right hand side.

p.s. I can't get your follow button to function = has it gone on strike?

greeny said...

Cool loot!
Winning is the best since it's so hard to be a magnanimous loser, am I right?

So this is the Orlando trip? Yay for Fern.

AM Kingsfield said...

I bet you could make some cool liners with all your leftover fabrics.

Anne said...

Liners to me are like lace doilies on the arms of davenports.