Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Money

Last Thursday I got the notice of my bonus at work.

Then, over the next couple of days I received and cashed some checks for my badge sewing work, got a $10 gift card for placing third in the "Maintain - Don't Gain" contest at the gym at work, JD Powers sent me a survey to fill out about the not-so-new-anymore Honda Fit I bought last summer along with a very crisp $5, and I got a $25 gift card from the pharmacy for a new prescription.

The nice thing about being on a controlled substance for my ADD is I get a new script every month. While is it a pain having to get a new script and not having refills to count on, I can use the coupons for all the different pharmacies for gift cards for new or transfered prescriptions. Target usually gives $10 gift cards and CVS gives $25. Eckard has coupons for $25 gift cards, but they never have my drug in stock. I hate that, it's like they don't want to give me money. Go figure.


Gnomeself Be True said...

Total meds for my family, 15 prescriptions a month.
Sometimes the pretty pharmacy tech smiles at me...other than that...nada.

just me said...

I get D's ADHD med w/walgreen's mail service - pay for 2 mos, get 3. (You can only fill a 3-month supply online.) That's better than a $25 gift card.

Congrats on the found money! When are we going to dinner?

Mom said...

I like getting free money. Well done.

John said...

I'd like the gift card with every new scrip.That would be cool. Our health insurance just change a couple months ago and we are required to fill all maintenance scrips three months at a time even though we get no discount for doing so. That can add up pretty quick.