Friday, March 27, 2009

A Night for Day

The League for People with Disabilities celebrated their new Day Habilitation Program for Adults with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities last night. They're the folks who run Greentop, the special needs summer camp Kevin goes to. They do tremendous things for folks of all ages with disabilities. Dan and I support the League so we're on their mailing list. That's how I got the invite to the celebration.

The invitation was for me and a guest, but I ended up going alone. The League's offices are in north Baltimore, which turned out to be a longer drive from my office than expected, about 95 minutes. In the rain. And tolls on the Harbor Tunnel. Both ways. Thank-you EZpass.

Anyway, the event was for women to "refresh, re-energize, and renew" and featured vendors to do just that. When I arrived, I made my way around the room counter-clockwise. The woman at the first table displayed facial care products. I can't remember the name of the company, I didn't recognize the brand, but I put my name in the hat for a door prize drawing. A woman from Merrill Lynch was next. She gave out packets of information. It wasn't the typical financial planning stuff, but more a planning sheet where you could record pertinent information about you, like bank accounts, credit cards, and accounts you might not even think of like EZpass, so it's all in one place.

Smashbox had a large set-up along the back wall with three make-up artists working. They looked busy and crowded so I kept going. The lady at the next table had a pile of pens and desk paraphernalia spread out. She said she wasn't selling the mess, she is Ann from SOS and helps you get organized. I told her she had my attention and she got me a chair. I spent a long time chatting with her.

My whole life needs reorganizing but we talked mostly about my sewing room. I got some superfantastic help I hope to put into action soon. The coolest tip is for decluttering and purging. Say I'm going through a bin of sewing supplies. First I'll sort by functionality and put like things together. Then I'll "shop" in one pile. If I have a pretend limited amount of money, what would I buy right now. I would not buy the 30 yards of laces and trims now, I don't sew with that stuff. Then, she says to put away what you didn't buy, either get rid of it now or store it out of sight for a year. If you don't miss it, get rid of it. I know the 30 yards of trims will be out the door soon.

Her "shopping" technique works for everything, especially clothes. She says it's also good to have a impartial friend hang with you while you sort, to keep you anchored and focused.

After I took up enough of Ann's time, I toured the rest of the room where nothing really grabbed my attention and got a snack at the wine and cheese table. I ate and listened to the welcoming speeches and missed having one of the winning the door-prize ticket numbers by one digit. I didn't need a $200 gift certificate to Neiman's anyway. Pout.

Then there was an empty seat at Smashbox. I don't normally wear make-up much but it's always fun to be pampered. I ended up staying there the rest of the evening. The make-up artist, Timber (interesting name, huh?), spent a lot of time asking what I like and what I'm comfortable with. So many make-up folks doing demos in department stores do way too much and I always feel I need a mini skirt and stilettos when I see the results. Not Timber. He was great. He talked about each product, the ones he used and the ones he didn't, and why they were right or wrong for my skin or style.

I looked really good and was so pleased with the result I ended up ordering several items in the Smashbox line. I love getting goodies in the mail and I'll have them tomorrow if I'm lucky. Most of the vendors were packing up with I was finished with Timber. I told you I was there for a long time. I stopped back by the first table. I won the door prize: $100 of products. She was out of catalogs so I'll have wait until she sends me a catalog in the mail to choose my booty. I love winning things.

I got home a bit after 9:00 feeling pretty good, it was a fun night.


just me said...

on the topic of makeup... I just love that Ellen deGeneris is now a spokesperson for Cover Girl. Take a gay woman who doesn't look 'made up' and use her to sell makeup? I think it's great.

Sounds like an interesting time - and look at you with the prizes!

Lisa said...

Timber is a nationally known Smashbox artist. I've had makeovers from him, as well.

greeny said...

Wow! What a nice evening! I could totally do with a make-over.
Congrats on the winnings, too.

AM Kingsfield said...

You drank wine?
Interesting coincidence on the SOS girl's name.
I think you'd look fantastic in a mini-skit and stilettos. I bet you have some in your closet.
Let me know when your Smashbox comes and I'll come over and play make-up.