Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yeah. I went there.

If you know my real name, you can find me.

There's stuff I don't get yet, like how some folks have stuff all over their page and I just don't see how's it's done. It's cool, though, people are friending me, is that a verb now "friending," I don't remember requesting. I even found my flute teacher from when I was in junior high.

Weekend Round-Up

We had a busy weekend

Kevin participated in the Maryland State Special Olympics Basketball event on Saturday morning.

Fern had her usual Saturday morning skating lessons and production team practice. The last one before the competition Saturday night. She had slept over at a friend's house so I had to taxi her from there to the rink.

We got a notice of suspension of the registration of the corolla because we didn't report back to the MVA we'd gotten the windshield fixed. The suspension was effective on Monday. I had to get the car inspected, the forms signed and delivered. I was hoping the state police barracks in Forestville was one of the places where I could turn in the form. It wasn't. The barracks, however, were a couple blocks from the Special Olympics site so I was able to hang out with Dan and Kevin for a while.

Fern arranged to hang out with her friend after skating so I didn't have to pick her up.

I got a call from Mom. She and Dad would be coming to the quilt show but their GPS didn't understand the destination and they'd call me for the final directions. Two hours later I still hadn't heard from them and I was getting worried.

I hung out at the quilt show in a building with bad cell reception hoping my parents were alright. I'd already called them six or eight times with no answer. Finally my pocket buzzed, their call got through and they were in town. I went to get them so they could follow me to the show.

Mom loved the quilts, she loved the two of mine, liked the pebble quilting on the piece I made for my cousin and her new husband. Dad liked the quilt I made for him, but told him he couldn't have then. We left the show and my parents came home with me even though it wasn't prepared for company. There weren't too many dishes on the counter.

I showed Mom the finished top I've made for her. She loved it. I'm so glad. She even asked for a scrap of fabric so she could redecorate the room around the quilt. Now I just have to finish it, huh?

When they left, we left too for the Skate Annapolis competition. Fern had a 7:00 pm call time for 8:00 perform time. They were running late so we didn't get out of there until after 9:00.

We stopped at 49 West for desserts on the way home.

Sunday I didn't get up early to walk. I woke up at 9:10. Fern had a 9:00 call time for a 9:55 solo compulsory event. Kevin was asleep next to me. Where was Dan? Where was Fern? Dan had taken her to Annapolis on time, I missed early church but Kevin and I went to late church. Dan and Fern were back when we got back.

At 1:15 Kevin and I left for his Special Olympic swim team practice and Dan and Fern left for Annapolis again. She had to be back for her freestyle program event. Kevin much rather swim than be cooped up in a cold ice arena, so I missed Fern skate again.

While Kevin was swimming I got a storm at sea quilt basted. I'm trying out wool batting for the first time. It's a lot fluffier than the cotton I usually use. It'll be certainly different for me to work with.

He took an enormously long time to get dressed afterward and come up to the lobby. I was starting to get worried. Evidently, he took a shower and probably played for a while. A long while.

We then went to Costco for the ever important bar soap and toilet paper. You know they didn't have any deodorant soap? Just beauty stuff. Sheesh. I got milk and light bulbs, too. I don't tend to get anything "fun" when I shop alone. Dan is always disappointed when I stick to the list.

The quilt show closed at 4:00. They usually take down the quilts, clean up the standards and are waiting anxiously for the last person to pick up their pieces by 6:00. Some years they even start calling if you're not there by 5:45. Kevin and I arrived at 5:53. They weren't done cleaning up yet. Kevin used to attend the school where we have the show, so he made himself right at home. So much so, that when I finally got my quilts, I couldn't find him right away.

When we got home, Dan and Fern were already there. We ordered pizza for dinner. PapaJohn's is having a .25 special, buy a large three-topping pizza and get a medium for 25 cents. Except for two weeks in a row now, they've been out of the medium doughs. Sheesh.


Kevin got a gold medal in basketball.
Fern got two silver medals for compulsories and program and her team got a gold for the group event. (See picture below.)
I got the inspection forms mailed to the MVA.
And no speeding tickets were actually issued.


greeny said...

My head is spinning! What a weekend. I look like a hermit next to you all.

greeny said...

Oh, and by the way, congrats to Fern and Kevin for all those accomplishments!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Congrats to the kiddies for the accomplishments.
S has a horse riding medal that he cherishes.

VE said...

Uh oh, facebook. We'll never see you again...

just me said...

this is why I don't have facebook - if I wanted to be in touch with people from my past, I would be in touch with them anyway. DH loves it, though - you could 'friend' him if you want. He's under his real name too.

fwiw, I wonder how many marriages have broken up over facebook? too much time on the computer... or reconnecting with an old flame? Don't mean to be so cynical, but I do think this social networking stuff will have a profound long-term impact.

asley said...

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