Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Birthday Shopping

Fern will be 13 in a couple weeks. What happened to the cute little bundle of joy that was crawling around here a few weeks ago, I ask you?

Anyway, this is what Fern wants for her birthday.
No, not the girl.
Not the dress.
Yes, the shoes. Her friends tell her she can't pull them off. Her father tells her to loosen the laces.

She also wants a new phone, a slider phone with a keyboard for easier texting. Two years ago I wrote this post about her birthday present that year. Go ahead, read it now, I'll wait. We got her a phone and a two-year contract. Which means the contract is almost up and it means she is eligible for an phone upgrade. I guess I don't mind getting her a new phone, but I really really don't want to get her an upgraded service package that would go with a slider phone with keyboard. sheesh. Our monthly bill is almost $100 now, as it is, with three lines and the data package for my iPhone. Currently, she's allowed 200 messages per month. Two days after the start of this most recent billing cycle she was up to 87. I guess I just gotta bite the bullet and let her have an unlimited texting package. And I'll go kicking and screaming all the way to the store.


just me said...

unlimited texting is a must - not only for her use, but yours, if you just want to say "I'm on my way" or something like that. It'll raise your bill to about $120 but it's worth it.

Plus, you can always use the phone as a disciplinary tool - we do :)

John said...

I agree. Go ahead with unlimited. It's a lot less hassle watching the number and anticipating an upgrade to keep the price down. And the disciplinary thing works well too. That's how we use our kids phones. When they get out of line we stand them up against the wall and take turns throwing their phones at them.

Anne said...

JM, how do you use it as a disciplinary tool?

John, do you allow catcher's masks?

just me said...

I take it away for cause - whatever cause it is that you determine. Could be grades, behavior, whatever you deem necessary.

E had hers confiscated at school (she had it out when she shouldn't have) and altho hubby went and got it from the admin, she didn't get it back until the end of the school year (about 2 wks).

Unknown said...

Wow, I need to make sure my E doesn't see those shoes! She would defintiely want them.

Consequences with the phone as the disciplinary tool is perfect as long as the rules are spelled out in black and white and in ink. Always use something painful so it carries more punch. It's more of a deterrent that way.