Friday, June 20, 2008

Day Trip

Tuesday afternoon I took the kids to the zoo. And I took the "big" camera. It's hard to take time to set up good animal shots when the kids want to keep moving, but here are my attempts.


prairie dog

papa lion

This tiger was gnawing on and playing with this burlap bag. I'm not sure what was in it, maybe catnip. I don't usually see zoo animals actually moving, but I managed to capture him mid-jump. I'll work on the focus later...


AM Kingsfield said...

wonderful shots!

John said...

I miss the zoo. Wonderful pictures.

craziequeen said...

Cool photos :-)

Perhaps the zoo put the meat into the burlap sacks, to make the big cats work for their food? Some zoos do that kind of thing.

Michele sent me here this evening, Anne :-)


Unknown said...

Nice shots, Anne. So you are into the wild life?