Monday, April 23, 2007



I had my "skate mom" hat on yesterday, my rear end planted on cold bleachers in the Ice Arena. Fern's been taking freestyle lessons as well as "Artistry" classes, and yesterday was the spring show. I'm not sure what I expected, but when I saw the program "Sunday April 22, 5-8pm" I knew I didn't expect that. Three hours! What about all that refrigerator food I'd just bought at the warehouse store? The program indicates two selections by the artistry classes, if Fern doesn't skate in the first one, I'd dash home and put the chicken away and come back in time for the second program. Well, she was in the first group, and did wonderfully. She's so wonderful on the ice. I'm a little disappointed with my pictures. I took them without the flash, so they are a bit out of focus. Oh well, maybe next time.


Unknown said...

What a fantastic hobby for a kid to have! And I liked the skates shot and the spinning shot. I thought you did that on purpose!

just me said...

I always have the hardest time getting decent pictures in that arena - to say nothing of my less-than-terrific videography skills.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your posts. I live a ways from our warehouse store so I take a cooler along with me with a chunk of ice. That way when I'm in town I don't feel pressured to get right back home.
Paidra Delayno

AM Kingsfield said...

I'll have to come the next time and try my new camera on the spins. I would have loved to see her performance!