Monday, April 09, 2007

I went to my massage therapist on Thursday last week and when I got my checkbook out to pay her: uh oh. I'd used my last check in the pad several days before. That's ok , just mail me the check. Sunday in church, I reach for my purse to write out an offering check. Darn! I forgot to get a new pad out of the cabinet. Again. Sunday night, a run to the grocery store. No checks.Arrgh! So I reach for my check/visa card. It's in the pocket of my other coat. The parka I've been wearing because the SNOW! AAAAAArrrrrrrgggh! So I have to charge my groceries. I hate that.

So first thing when I get home is to get another pack of checks into my purse, pronto! Well, ok, I put away the groceries first. But there are no more checks. I used the last pack up. I always ignore the warning "this is your last pad of checks ORDER NOW!" I ignore it because the warning is always on the last pad in every box. And there is always another box. Except this time. Box 4 of 4

Say it with me: sheesh

I went to the web site to order checks, the one I've ordered from before. And have been a happy customer of for a very long time. Very clearly they tell you the price of the number of boxes you're ordering. 2 boxes are $21.90, 4 boxes are $36.80. A little voice starts nagging me: how many check are in a box? I really have to start searching on their site. Several minutes and several clicks later I find it, buried "below the fold," 150 checks. Hmm, I thought there were 200! They didn't "raise their prices," they lowered the quantity. Like a pound of coffee is now only 12 ounces. A bit of quick math: $61.33 per 1000 checks. Then I found another company who still has 200 checks per box and charges $34.75 per 1000. And they are ordered. Now I just have to wait.


Unknown said...

Heehee, this was my week to do the same. Thanks goodness for debit cards.
And the massage therapist and church was so cool about the whole thing....

AM Kingsfield said...

Doesn't your bank have them cheap or free? I never pay extra for a design, although the mosaic is nice.