Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thanks to me all the local fire trucks and some from the next town over were parked in front of the grocery store last night.

You're thinking, I know she's klutzy, but the fire department?

Daughter and I rounded the corner down the milk aisle and we saw a blue-white light flickering on the lighting power cord for one of the shelves. So I went down to check-out and told them they had a fire back there. A friend from church was also shopping so we chatted about our respective kitchen renovations, picked our selections, speculated whether the boys would walk over from the fire station which is across the street from the grocery, or arrive with lights and sirens.

By the time we were finished shopping and all paid up there were at least 4 trucks outside, lights flashing. But nobody inside was really in a panic, the calm in the store didn't balance out with glaring scene outside. It was kind of aerie.


mcewen said...

I think I'd find that a tad unsettling too!

Variant E said...

They needed somebody like George from Seinfeld who was panicking and pushing kids, women, and senior citizens out of his way in an effort to be the first out of the store!

John said...

So it wasn't a sale?

Blue light special?

Fire sale?