Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm mourning the loss of Target for a source of clothing for my 14 year old son. He keeps growing and is now about 5'8" (taller'n me!) so he'd wear a size 18 or 30" inseam pants. Except he's the approximate diameter Nicole Richie, so his waist would be about a double slim or 26 inches. The boys' section in Target goes to size 16 and the men's department starts at 28x30.

JC Penny's has sizes 18 and 20 in boys with slim and adjustable waists so I just have to adjust my thinking and put Penny's on my radar. But they are not convenient to get to. Argh. What do you do when a source for something dries up?


Moogie said...

have you tried their cataloge? I know you have shipping costs, and the pain of returning it if it doesn't fit but lots of times you can get free shipping (during sales and such). If you know his size and what brands fit, it makes things easier.

Michele says hi but I'm so glad I came.

Jennifer said...

Anne, my 14-year-old is six feet tall, and no bigger around than a broom handle. He wears a 28X34 but they're getting short. I'm not sure I'll be able to find 28X36. I keep telling him to EAT so he can graduate to a 30 waist!!

Variant E said...

Hey, I noticed that too when I took my son there. What's up with that? We found everything and more at Fred Meyer. It's a local "everything" store here in the NW.

Lorraine said...

I hate shopping for kids. Fortunately, The Child is now officially a 0 in women's sizes so it's easier to find stuff for her.

And I also think it's funny that she's a size 0. Because I am too. Well, sure, mine has a 1 in front of it, but still.