Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

I'm back to an almost normal schedule now. I can leave for work as soon as my son is on the bus. He's been sleeping later and later all summer, and sometimes staying up until 4:45. Yes, in the morning.

This morning he came down at about 10 till 8 and made himself chocolate milk while I scrambled up one and a half eggs. (I take one of the yolks out.) Yesterday I bought two new bar stools for the new kitchen counter, at which he sat and ate his breakfast. Then he went out and set up the folding chair and waited for the bus, scheduled to come at 8:15, but came at 8:25. Not bad for the first day.

Daughter got picked up at 7:45 for school. She's carpooling with two neighborhood boys for an early class before school officially starts at 9:30. There was a change in scheduling this year, which necessitated the odd time for her and the rest of the kids taking band or chorus and Spanish I. If you're confused, just think about how us moms are, only some of us got called by guidance, others of us called them ourselves. Oh, didn't I call you with the start time information?

I fell asleep last night stressing about how much homework the girl will be getting. Last year there were two sections of honors kids. One got a lot of homework, the other got off easy. Fern's class was on the easy side. Her gaggle of friends got split up into the two classes this year, so I'm hoping she'll win the homework lottery again and get off easy. I hate homework, it stresses our family out too much when there's a lot to be done. And there's not that much time in the evenings since she doesn't get home until close to 5:00 and I'd love for her to have time for fun things and get to bed at a reasonable hour.



Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me...gosh is it the first day of school already?? You can tell I no longer have children at home. I too hope your children get a little homework ... I've never understood loading them up with homework - they need to have fun, spend time with family, and sleep. After all they are in school for quite a few hours - why can't they just learn there. Like adults do when we go to work - we work and come home...we don't bring work home with us. (well, at least we shouldn't!!!)

Lorraine said...

I HATE homework. I know what the teachers say about why it's important but I've never completely bought it. Regular reading, sure. Working over time on some sort of special project? Why not. But otherwise I hate, hate, HATE it...and I'm not even the one doing it!

MarkEC said...

I have one more week before that starts around here. My daughter is going into 8th grade.. so we are expecting a lot of homework this year. We shall see, it was pretty light last year. Good luck with the adjustments this week, sounds like you are off to a good start.

AM Kingsfield said...

If you are nervous, imagine how Fern feels! Middle school - I sure would never want to do that again.

Having a kitchen helps smooth things though.

YoLinna said...

mmmm....thanks for reminding me how wonderful it is to be done with all this! sending you and Fern lots of strength!

iamnot said...

Hey there Anne,
I could not find your RSS feed in the past, so I didn't keep up very well.
I've got you on my bloglines now.

Becky68 said...

Here from Micheles today
My kids started back to school on the 16th & we're still not on schedule.
My own schedule at work changed at the same time & so everything is in chaos!
I understand how you feel about the homework. My oldest is so on top of things that she does all her homework in school but my second daughter does not have much in the way of orginizational skills & so is constantly bogged down with homework.