Saturday, August 25, 2007

Measuring Spoons, Thermometers and Paintbrushes

I've been slowly getting the yardsale in my living room (contents of the old kitchen) back into the new cabinets. This morning I started on the utility drawer next to the stove. I haven't dug back in the depths of that pit since Clinton was in office. Beyond the spatulas and basters and the ice cream scoops I collected all the measuring spoons, thermometers and paintbrushes (what?) for a picture.

Click to enlarge and study this picture for 30 seconds then go to the comments and play along.


Anne said...

1. How many incomplete sets of measuring spoons are there?
2. What color is the handle of the largest paintbrush?
3. Which thermometers in the picture don't belong in the kitchen?
4. How many paintbrushes are there?

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

1. 2
2. red and yellow (?)
3. the little black ones
4. 5 (?)

Michele sent me. This reminds me of those I Spy books.

greeny said...

Does it count if we go back and look again b4 we answer?
Let me tell you something- The average person has to be told an average of 7 times before they remember it. I am so average! Heehee.
Hope the cleanup/out goes smoothly.

MorahMommy said...

1. 4
2. red
3. I have no idea!!
4. 3

That was fun. I love the composition of the items. I'm starting to sound like my hubby :-)!

Michele sent me your way!

YoLinna said...

ha ha! Chamber pot!!!! LOL!

I would play your game but it hurts my head to think too much in the morning :)

AM Kingsfield said...

I don't know either, but I sure hope none of those are rectal thermometers. (Ok, sorry. that was unnecessarily gross.)

Lorraine said...

1) 4
2) It looks like it's got some remnants of blue on it.
3) Excellent question.
4) 5

Your description of the yard sale in the living room? Totally got that. Exactly our situation when we remodeled. Isn't it nice to be getting 2 rooms back for the price of one?

Variant E said...

1. Those were measuring spoons? I thought those were backup spoons for bachelors?
2. Those were paintbrushes? I thought those were used for spreading the bar-b-que sauce!
3. Those were thermometers? They all need to go outside so I know whether it is warm enough to wear my sandals outside!
4. Refer to number 2.

MarkEC said...

The only thing that stuck in my mind was the some of the thermometers looked like the ones I used in photography... and then there was the floating aquarium model, that seemed a bit out of place. Good luck finding new nooks and crannies for all that stuff!

mcewen said...

You're just upping my guilt quotient. Now I'll have to go and clear out at least one kitchen drawer.