Thursday, August 09, 2007

Breaking Point

I reached the breaking point.
It's all got to end.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't do anything with it.
I can't stand the way it looks.
It's all got to go.
I was going along just fine, no problems, everything is under control, then, BAM! Outta control, like it happened over night. And it happened at a most inconvenient time. I've been tolerating it as it is but I am going on a business trip next week to Minneapolis for a couple days. (It's the first trip I've been on in, oh jeez, has it been two years now?) So I'll just have to live with this mess until I get back. Then I'll have to make some calls and work out a schedule, obtain the necessary funds to correct the situation. But still I fear this won't get it resolved until, oh maybe October. However will I live with this current state until then? It's time I got a hair cut.


Lorraine said...


MarkEC said...

And I was thinking the whole time it was the kitchen :-) Good one!

mar said...

I was feeling kind of lost and sorry... :)
Here via Michele's, happy weekend!

Dara said...

hey! i'm on my way to cut my hair right after this post! i love the feeling of freshly cut hair. good luck and hello from michele.

AM Kingsfield said...

I think you should take out your angst in the Mall of America.

BreadBox said...

Hope that the kitchen counters are getting installed tomorrow as scheduled -- that may help!
By the way, when the cheese kit arrives, make sure that you don't use organic milk unless it is raw -- it appears that most organic producers ultrapasteurize their milk instead of just pasteurizing it. And that means that the curds won't form right and the mozzarella will have the wrong texture....
Trust me. I found out the hard way. Well, the grainy cheese way.


greeny said...