Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Right now I'm on the brink of a full blown headache, it's waxing and waning at the moment. I might have to search out a coke for relief. I hate having a headache.


Ever since I bought the yarn in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, I've been on the fence as to where my creativity is taking me. I hadn't planned on going back to knitting, and I have plenty of quilting projects that need my attention. Daughter still wants her quilt finished, all I have to do is quilt the border and bind it off, and I have a John Flynn laser cut Storm At Sea kit I've been working on since March. The blocks are in a sewing-order stack ready to go. Sheesh. Then there's the next bee meeting. It'll be at my house, we're dyeing fabrics. I love that, it's so much fun to play with color. And I really like sharing fabric dyeing with others.

But the knitting. I've made at least 4 attempts at starting a sock, different pattern, different needles, with the new yarn. It's be knitted, ripped and rewound so many times, it's splitting very easily when I work with it. And I want to keep going on this project, I'm not to the exasperation point yet.

So on one side of the fence, I have a cool new quilting bee with cool new bee friends and on the other side I have cool new yarn and a cool new sock pattern book and I just ordered two new sets of birch double point sock needles because I can't find my others.

Maybe I just need to get off the fence and mow the grass.


Variant E said...

I go get a soda too when I feel a bad headache coming on (and sometimes I fake it to myself just so I can feel ok in having one).

John said...

I remember about 35 years ago, walking into my great grandmothers house and seeing a quilt all stretched out on a frame. Now my mother and sister quilt some. Quilts are cool. Family memories. Keep it up. Coke works for you too? Actually for me it's Diet Pepsi and a cigarette. Deep breaths. And the boys mow now. Not me. No more.

AM Kingsfield said...

Hire out the mowing and pour some rum in that coke.
You HAVE TO do something for yourself. Feed your creativity.