Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Transitioning Youths

Happy New Year!

It's been so long since I've posted here. I guess Facebook has sucked the need for composing longer missives right out of me. Forgive me, dear readers.

So much has happened since the last time I posted, I'm not even sure when that was.

The daughter graduated from high school back in May; she now is a freshman/sophomore (thanks to AP credits) in university studying biochemistry and did well her first semester. I'm so pleased! She seems to be growing up into adulthood.

The son is a senior in high school. He is in his third year of his special education work experience program where they take the kids to a job site to gain job skills. He's worked at Ross and at NASA in the library, and this semester, he's back at NASA in the cafeteria cleaning up after the breakfast shift and prepping for lunch service.The husband and I are in the process of visiting service providers. These agencies help individuals with special needs get jobs, either with a day program or in supported employment Supported employment is where they find Kevin a job and a job coach, work with the employer to get him trained and keep up with his progress. The day programs provide piece-rate jobs where the individuals do low-end and medium low-end assembly tasks. One agency we visited has a contract with a hotel to assemble the in-room service packs with coffee, sugar, and napkins, etc.

I continue to oscillate between crafts (quilting, knitting, a little beading) and reading. Now I'm knitting, working on a sweater, a real one for myself. I got a couple inches done and realized the gauge was way off, ripped it out and now I've started over. I know myself, if it doesn't go smoothly, I'll get disgusted with it and it'll sit on a shelf for the rest of time. Here is a sweater I did finish recently:

It's only 6" long, by the way.

No promises I'll post soon, but I hope too!

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