Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's Eat

I was lying in bed last night thinking of different things so I wouldn't think about the fact I was not yet asleep, and one of the things I tripped over was vegetables.

My son now likes broccoli. This is fabulous. This is fabulous because it's not a "white" food. For so many years he just ate pale food: french fries, grits, french fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets with ranch dressing, french fries with ranch dressing, spaghetti-n-sauce. Not red sauce.

Early on in my marriage I found a recipe on the back of a box of tortellini for cream sauce. It's been a family staple ever since. The boy loved it then. And still does.

Nowadays, he "helps" me cook the sauce, he has to stir the sauce and control its destination, meaning it had to all go on his plate. Which meant I'd have to make another pot for the rest of us. In recent weeks he's understanding the concept of sharing the sauce and will pour some on each person's plate when it's time to serve.

The other night Dan and The Girl went to see the Wizards beat the Celtics (Yay!) and The boy and I had a dinner of spaghetti-n-sauce and broccoli. He at the broccoli first. I couldn't believe my eyes. This is like the day when your kid ate the chicken nuggets first before the french fries, except better.


  • Fix your favorite pasta according to the directions

  • in a small sauce pan, i prefer a heavy non-stick pan, over med-low heat, melt a couple tablespoons of butter. (probably 1 per person, I never really measured and the original recipe is long gone.)

  • stir in a couple ounces of parmesan cheese. I usually use shredded, but grated (yes, the stuff in the green can) melts faster.

  • don't get the butter too hot or you'll fry the cheese instead of melt it. (which, is itself a yummy treat, but not our goal here)

  • when it's all melty, like a big mess and you wonder if you're doing it right, add a couple ounces of cream. stir until smooth. I use a wooden spoon. I sometimes have to raise the heat to get the cheese to melt smoothly. If it's too thin, add more cheese and keep stirring. It should be thick like a good hollandaise, but not able to sit upright on its own plate.

  • pour over your pasta or put the pasta in the sauce to mix, then serve

It's not bad over broccoli, either.


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! Kids seldom eat greens! THanks for the recipe too!

Michele forgot it is tuesday!

Dtodd said...

The sauce "recipe" pre-dates our marriage. It was the first mealyou cooked for me. You then entered into a home made pasta making phase.

Unknown said...

mmmm, parmesan cheeeesse. Ieat this over anything and I prefer the hard kind you haveta grate. But I wILL eat any kind. For any meal. '

Yay for the cookin, broccoli-eating kid!!

Unknown said...

Yikes! Meant to write "Love this over anything". My slobbering on the key board prevented me from hunting and pecking the right keys.

Anne said...

Really? Boy, I forgot about when I cooked that for you, I didn't think I knew about cream sauce before you.

Ed & Jeanne said...

My son won't eat green types of food either. I wonder when or what it is that transforms them later? Perhaps its more difficult to date and get away with just ordering chicken nuggets...

Lorraine said...

The Child's favorite veggie from the get go was broccoli. I always thought that was so advanced of her. She won't touch sweet potatoes or yams to save her life. (shrugs)

Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestion although I'm a little jealous of the brocolli [that would be green of course!] I've just bought a replacement bread maker [the last one died a couiple of years ago] so I have great plans.

I also just bought a book that will teach me how to knit a PAIR of socks at the same time on a circular needle. I had to buy it. I was so impressed [extravance rules around here today] I wait to see hwat kind of tangled mess I end up with!