Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I finally got around to taking a picture of the purple batch of fabric I dyed last week. It was supposed to be a plum to fuchsia blend, but the fuchsia is so strong not much of the plum shows. You can see bits of the plum in the light spots since the fuchsia reacts so quickly and the purple takes longer to seep in. If I try this blend again I'll have to use more plum powder and half the fuchsia. It's so hard to tell what you're going to get in the end by looking at the bags, these looked like beets in the beginning, but they rinsed out so pink.

I started yet another batch last night, this time using the new dye I ordered from Dharma: peacock blue and kelly green. I did an eight step blend instead of the usual six but the end colors are pure, (there's no green in the strongest blue bag and no blue in the strongest green bag).

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greeny said...

WOW, they look scrumptious! Really!