Thursday, January 18, 2007

I can't wait for my quilt guild's retreat next month. It's usually a wonderful time, away from the kids and spilt chocolate milk, staying up late, sewing until your hands fall off, starting way too many projects to ever finish.

I volunteered to lead a fabric dyeing workshop one afternoon. I have no idea why I do things like that. Especially since I haven't dyed fabric in about eight years. I've been looking at my old notes and am I'm slowly remembering how to do it, I even placed an order at Dharma for two new colors of dye. I decided I needed to practice dyeing first so I'll round up some of the girls and moms in the neighborhood and lead a class one afternoon. AM said she'd bring her girls. I figured if I could teach them, the adults at the retreat could not be harder, right? My plan is to show them how to do a six-step two-color blend. Is that too much for the girls? Am I crazy? What colors would you blend?


greeny said...

My mom, sister and I are very bad to get revved up about making stuff and bite off more than we can chew, too. We are constantly seeing stuff and then saying "oh, we can make that. All we have to do is..." only we get 3 or 4 things at onec.
The dyeing sounds cool. I don't know anyone who does that. What do you do with the fabric then, is it for quilting or are you talking tie-dyeing eventually?

Anne said...

Greeny, All the fabric I dye will go in my quilting stash and get used sometime. In the beginning I felt I couldn't cut into my precious hand-dyes and wouldn't use them; you can pay $15+/yard for sets at shows. Now I know I can make more so it's no big deal. I usually dye quarter or half-yard pieces in each batch.