Saturday, January 20, 2007

I couldn't wait until my new dyes came so I dyed a batch last night with dyes from my stash.

This set is Kilt green blended with hollandaise yellow. The green is so strong and very blue you can hardly see the yellow much past the first piece.

This is my second attempt using the kilt green and yellow. This time I used a quarter of the amount of the green dye powder: 1/2 tsp in a cup of water to start. I use half of that in the first bag and fill the cup back up to the cup line. I keep that proceedure going for all six bags. I do the same thing for the yellow using two tablespoons of dye powder to start but put in the bags in reverse order.


greeny said...

Greens are my favorites, you know!

angelbymyside said...

Do you have pics of your second attempt with the Kilt Green + Yellow? Did it turn out to be more green? Have you ever used "Better Blue Green"?