Monday, January 29, 2007

It's about 54°F in my house this morning and about 18°F outside. I've got a sick kid upstairs and I'm waiting for the furnace guy to show up. I've turned the oven on the "clean" cycle to generate some heat and I'd say it's a lovely day to get some quilting done! I really should continue on the laundry, got a lot done this weekend, but yet, there is more; and I should get some vacuuming done, too, but that would mean I've got to pick up kevin's pile of letters which I'm not allowed to touch while he's awake in the house. I guess I'll do the Flylady thing and set the time for 15 minutes and alternate between the should do's and wants to's.

Oops, there goes the smoke detector, gotta go.


AMKingsfield said...

It's that damn cleaning cycle, isn't it?
When one of my kids was in preschool, the teacher asked, "What do you do when the smoke detector goes off?"

My child, used to my cooking, said, "Get a book." - for fanning of course.

greeny said...

HA, when I read yours and AM's comment, I laughing ..over the smoking oven, of course. My kids got me a fridge magnet that reads " Supper's ready when the smoke alarm goes off". Or when I haven't cleaned my oven in a while.
Man, sorry to hear about the furnace thing and the sick kid. All of that sucks.
Yu sound very in control of things. No stomping around the house and all.