Monday, January 22, 2007

I love those PC and Mac ads on TV, well, mostly because my home laptop is an iBook. The ads are true (although a bit snobby.) Macs are so easy. If a hotel has wireless all I have to do is open the laptop and start surfing. It just finds the network. If it's a secured network it prompts me for a password, it's smart enough to know what's going on.

CG came over this morning to use our wireless so she could submit her work for her new reporter job since her internet connection is still out of commission. She opened her non-Mac laptop and it couldn't find our wireless automatically; it's so convoluted. Nor did she want me trying to force the connection because the laptop then might not find her network when it was working again. yowza. Sorry for the trouble, but get a Mac already ! =)

I finished the second batch of hand-dyes yesterday (batch on right, the ones on the left are from Saturday). They are so pretty! (The top picture was taken right after the pieces came out of the bags.)

I made two test blocks for retreat mystery quilt this morning during our two-hour snow delay. I'm leading that too. Can you believe it! If you want to sew along, let me know and I'll post the directions here, too. I'm trying not to do too much extra stuff, really! I finally finished the Vincenzi books so that's off my plate now; more room for more mischief..........

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Karin said...

you got a great blog, I like your style and your cloth is very nice.
Greetings from Germany!