Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm back from Myrtle Beach and I'm sore all over. Dan gave me a two-day golf school for Christmas which was scheduled for this past weekend. I got video-taped and analyzed and made a bazillon practice swings and hit another bazillion balls. I need to go to the practice range to reinforce what I've learned. But I'm too sore. And it's too windy out today. I could go over to Andrew's AFB and hit a bucket at lunch time. Hmm. Have to think about it more. It's tempting...

The weather was great; it was hard to remember it is January. Fern brought a friend along and we spent a couple hours on the beach one morning. Here's my attempt at abstract art:

Another day we went to the Brookgreen Gardens. This series is from a spot in the Children's Garden:

Brookgreen is south of MB, down near Pawley's Island. Delightful place, especially if you like gardens and sculptures. One of the statues:

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greeny said...

what a cool place and your pics are very nice. Sounds like the golfing exercises were helpful as well.