Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Follow my logic here: if the school nurse can send a kid home with pink eye, then she could say it's not, right? Good, so the nurse looked at Kevin's eye and said his lid was swollen and red because of a sty, not conjunctivitis so I didn't have to take the poor boy to the doctor or deal with eye drops!

Happy Dance Time!

Do you spell-check your posts? Have you noticed how horrid this spell-checker is? I checked the above paragraph and it didn't like sty or conjunctivitis. And, I had them spelled correctly! sheesh.


Lisa said...

Firefox has a spell checker in text entry boxes now.

AMKingsfield said...

I often write in Microsoft Word and then copy & paste. Still, imperfection is easy to achieve, but I have become quite comfortable with that. I do like my big, hard-back, unabridged dictionary, although it doesn't have a lot of words.