Thursday, January 04, 2007

Today I'm pondering blogworthy things: are the little black specs in the ladies' room sink that look a lot like whiskers substantive enough to blog about? Or are they just little things in life that make you go, "Mmm?" Did some guy stumble in there this morning at 6:30 not quite awake enough yet because the coffee shop doesn't open until 7:00 to notice the "Wo" in front of the "Men" sign on the door? Or am I not supposed to make such observations?

On another topic, did you know it takes two and a half to three hours to transfer 9263 songs onto a new iPod? The famous "As seen on CNN" iPod hit the garage floor the other day and was replaced last night with a new 80GB iPod.

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AMKingsfield said...

I bet it was a transvestite who slept away from home the night before and had to make a quick shave before work. Now you'll be looking at the women in your ofice with a new question in mind.