Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I committed myself to entering four quilts in our guild's show in March. Only one of them is done. Sheesh. I'm entering the green quilt I posted a picture of last week, I've got about a quarter of the binding done. I'm not sure about the fabric choice but I'm not going to change it now, maybe after the show if I'm so inclined. It might be fine once it's all on.

The third quilt is the one I made for GC's daughter for Christmas. I had only one edge bound at gift time and the rest of it was clipped down. Now it's almost half bound. I'll spend American Idol time working on it. I know I really should be doing more constructive things around the house, but AI audition week is so darn captivating, watching others do something badly. Anyway, it's a great time for handwork.

The fourth quilt is the one that's not even quilted yet. It's Kevin's Autism quilt. I'm still not sure how I'm going to quilt it. I'm sure inspiration will strike. Soon. I hope. I plan on working on it at the guild retreat next month.

I'm almost done with the third Penny Vincenzi book, Into Temptation. I always feel this pull when I'm reading a long book and wanting to do other things too. I tried reading during AI last night and it didn't work well. I want to finish the 2000 page saga so I can get on to these committed quilts. I'll be sad when I'm finished though, I've been with these characters since the middle of November. (The illegit kid count is holding at 8, if you were wondering...)


Mom said...

Your talent amazes me!

greeny said...

yes, Anne you seem so nonchalant about just whipping those quilts up! Wow!
My 90 year-old Great Aunt has made quilts all her life and so did my Grandmother. We consider handmade quilts so of the very best life has to offer.