Sunday, February 25, 2007

The windows in our church's sanctuary look out on the surrounding woods and with today's snow, it was a beautiful, peaceful landscape to behold. The worship service started normally, but, well, first, let me say I side with the bat.

The youth minister's son's baptism was postponed until after the sermon because not all the family's guests had arrived yet. That threw the organist off.

After about 5 minutes into the pastor's sermon I notice something flying around. I realized it wasn't a bird and nudged Fern and pointed out the bat to her. A few minutes later Reverend James noticed it too and stopped his sermon. We all sat in silence watching it fly in circles around the sanctuary. I wish he had just ignored it and continued with the homily, but didn't. Things went down hill from there when the congregants started throwing coats up at the bat.

What were they expecting to accomplish by throwing coats at this bat? Poor little thing, scared and lost, and now heavy winter coats. It finally got cornered and ushered out and James went on with the baptism, abandoning the sermon altogether.

The service was disjointed and gave me a sense of being incomplete, wonder what the rest of the day will bring? Oh yeah, snow.

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