Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank Goodness for broken water pipes! Well, only when they supply water to my office building and I get a day off! I've already loaded and started the dishwasher, took a load of neighbor girls to school, and worked on a quilt.

I have a thermometer in the van that reads the outside temp. It started out at 45°F in the garage and dropped down to 10°F by the time we got to school, the girls counting down the temp like the rocket count-down. They were disappointed it didn't go to single digits. I reminded them 22° below freezing was cold enough. It was interesting to me to "watch" their brains work, sure 10° was cold but 22° below freezing made the cold more real.

The quilt I'm working on this morning has been in progress for almost two years. I started it at quilt retreat in '05, I got the top done last year and got it basted a month ago or so. It is my "retreat" quilt because I needed a quilt for my bed at the retreat center, using a sleeping bag sacrilegious, somehow. The pattern is called "birds in the air" and each set of "birds" are of a different fabric, 56 in all. The background is a geranium print, thus the name of the quilt is Birds in the Geraniums.

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