Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Murphy's Law. I guess I should have posted my tirade earlier. Soon after I hit "publish" this afternoon, I got a call from my doctor.
  1. their phones were on the blink since yesterday.
  2. someone will re-fax my letter
  3. someone will call me to confirm I got the fax

I did get the fax and the confirmation call and I did get the letter delivered to the disabilities lady in HR. Today was her last day. sheesh. She will leave it for the other woman in that office (the one with whom I spoke in the first place). She was out today. I might need more documentation, but it's up to her when she gets in in the morning. double sheesh. Isn't a headache everyday for two and a half weeks enough documentation? I reported all of this to my Assistant Division Chief who will help me out if I need more for HR. I'm beginning to get some real hope.

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