Thursday, February 08, 2007

I enjoyed my time at home yesterday morning, mostly because I got to work on my retreat quilt and the kids were having fun on their day off. (I am about half done with quilting the quilt!)

Then I got to work. We're moving to our new office building on Monday, so we have to get packed this week. It's hard to pack and work at the same time: I can't pack that yet, I might need it! or I can't pack that yet, it's got to be on top when I unpack. I've gotten rid of a lot, unearthed lots of "treasures" I'd long forgotten about, and wondered where I'll hang my maps since we have height restrictions now in our new cubicles, nothing can be higher than the glass in partitions. The style police do come by and leave "love" letters if you're out of compliance.

Wonder how many citations I'll get?

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YoLinna said...

I would think you would need Reiki for your head after 2 services....LOL! Just the organ alone...Congrats on the not tripping but I have to admit, just once I'd like to see that, haha, all the cups going up in the air. On second thought, I guess it really wouldn't be that funny but somedays....