Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm finished!

I finished the Retreat Quilt last night. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to quilting, I can't stand anything wrong, any seam not lining up, but this one, I just let it go. I didn't trim the batting off exactly the same width all the way round, I didn't even try to make it exactly straight. I sewed the binding on by machine, not a speck of exacting hand work went into it. I'm done and I'm happy.

And it's beautiful!

Close up of one block.

This is about a quarter of the quilt. It's 80" x 90" so I can't show the whole thing at once unless I hang it on a fence or something but it's too icy for that.


Karin said...

Hi Anne,
many thanks for your nice entry on my Blog. I will will try to do sometimes the entry also into English. But my English is not so romps. I take a Überzetzer from the Internet:O)) from myself always So I can also read in other Blogs diligently with. Your cover has become great. I would like to sew also with pleasure once more one. But this lasts so long. And a little dress for Marie is faster ready.

Lots of love Karin

AMKingsfield said...

perfection is overrated anyway. Something beautiful & usable is better than anything that is out of commision while awaiting perfection.