Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, I've moved in to my new office space. I got in on Monday and immediately got a headache, went out to lunch with friends and it went away. After lunch the headache was back. I hate these overhead lights. Right now I'm sitting under an umbrella which is propped up over my computer. Yesterday I wore a Panama hat. Any ideas for tomorrow?

To get the lights permanently turned off (like they were in my other office) I have to get the Services office to come by. They won't come by until they get a work order from the Disabilities Office. The Disabilities office won't issue a work order until I get a doctor's note. I can't get a doctor's note until I can get an appointment. I had one for today but the office was closed because of weather. Meanwhile I try to stave off headaches and get work done.

I'm almost unpacked, just a bit of little desk stuff to put away, but I'm waiting to do that because my drawer sticks and the fix-it guys are supposed to come by. I don't want to load up that drawer only to have to unload it when they come.


Lisa said...

I don't have headaches, I just can't see.I have to get a Dr statement to get *more* lights. Seems that monoccular vision and glasses aren't evidence enough by themselves. Sheesh.

John said...

A BB gun is great for "turning off" lights.