Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two weeks ago I reported on my new cubicle in our new office building. I am happy to report I'm still getting headaches everyday. In addition to that, I'm extremely pleased to report the adjacent parking garage has a big crack in it from too much snow and ice piled in one place, and therefore is closed. But that's another story.

I finally got to see my doctor last Thursday (first appointment was canceled because of snow) so I can get a note to take to the disabilities office so I can get the headache inducing lights removed from my area. She said she'd have it written by Friday, Monday at the latest. At 3:30 on Monday I got a call from the office manager at the doctor's office telling me "the computers are messed up" and she couldn't get my letter to me until Tuesday. Tuesday at 3:30 I start calling their office again to inquire about my precious letter. The recording says they are out to lunch and lunch lasts an hour and a half. At 5 til 5:00 I finally get a call from the office manager, she has the letter and will fax it to me and rattles off the number. I want to check it since it's new in the new building but she says it's what the doctor wrote down and disconnects. It was the wrong number. I try to call back, but they are still out to lunch. When they are out to lunch, you cannot leave a message.

And they were still out to lunch until almost 2:00 this afternoon. When they finally answered the phone, I learn the office manager is not in today and no one else knows what's going on. And the doctor is with patients. I called again a bit ago, talked to someone new, she didn't know what is going on, will pull my chart and try to find the letter.

I'm tired of my head hurting every day. I'm tired of complaining about this with no results. I'm tired of not being able to get any work done. I'm tired of being tied to the small bit of "land" under this beach umbrella. I like my job, (when I can do it) and don't want to leave my agency, but my future here is a little too bright.

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AMKingsfield said...

seems like a handful of rocks would me much more expedient than that beauracracy.
I'm so sorry that this has been dragging on for so long.