Friday, February 16, 2007

I was irritated this morning on my way to work when a woman passed me in the carpool lane. I had seen her first in my rear view mirror without a passenger and as she went past I saw the backseat was also void of any child seats, too. Solo in her plain white car wearing a ball cap. Then was doubly irritated when the woman in the blue car behind me jumped over to the carpool lane. I was going a bit over the speed limit, but apparently not fast enough. She, too, was solo. I saw the woman in the white car check her rear view mirrow and pull back into the regular lane and the blue car drive on.

Now, I've seen enough cop shows on TV in my life to know the plain white car was an unmarked patrol car and was thrilled beyond belief when I got to my exit and saw the ball-cap woman had pulled over the blue car woman, headlights flashing. Ah, the joy!


SusanB said...

Justice! Don't you love it! On the open highway on a vacation trip, I saw a car passing everyone else and changing lanes a lot. Highway Patrol was ahead of us watching for speeders and nailed him. I cheered.

g said...

That is excellent. HOV cheaters are a huge pet peeve of mine.